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Dear Patients,
It's hard to imagine that we have been sheltering in place for almost 3 months!  We hope that you have been well!
As restrictions are easing up, we would like to inform you that we hope to open within the next 2-3 weeks or so.
In the meantime, we have been busy preparing to see you all in our "New Normal" office.  While we have always been taking the highest of measures in our infection control practices, you will see new additional ways we will be implementing to protect you as well as our staff.  
There will be:
  •  New way of performing your procedures to minimize aerosolization
  • New equipment to address aerosolization issues
  • New office protocols to optimize safety
Upon Arrival
  • Call our office to let us know you have arrived and wait in the comfort of your car until we contact you come in
  • Companions will be asked to remain in their cars and will not be allowed in
  • Face masks will be required to enter the building and hand sanitizer must be used before we ask a series of health related questions
  • You will then have your "touchless" temperature taken 
  • Masks will be worn by patients until seated in chair
Treatment and Front Desk Area
  • You will see plexiglass barriers, face shields along with our gowns, masks, glasses, gloves
  • High speed intra oral and extra oral aerosol suction devices to capture aerosol at the source of production  (These contain multiple layers of filtration including HEPA and UV-C light to kill viruses and other pathogens)
  • Air Purifiers in each room that have the same filtration as above
  • A "fogging" device that contains a 100% natural solution that will be used to fog the rooms after every patient.  We plan to fog our staff as well!  This is the same solution used to spray vegetables in the grocery stores, restaurants and hotels, etc. to kill pathogens.  
  • You will be asked to swab and swish around your teeth and gums with a solution to reduce pathgens in your mouth before treatment begins

Thing You May Not See But Still In Full Force

  • Suite specific central A/C with upgraded HEPA filters
  • Our extremely strict infection control procedures with the highest grade disinfectants on all non-sterilizable surfaces, autoclaving of all instruments after being processed through a germicidal solution in an ultrasonic machine, and use of disposible products and barriers, etc.

We thank you for you patience through these traumatic times and can't wait to see you all!

Wear your masks, keep up the social distancing, wash your hands frequently and stay well!
See You Soon!
Dr. Randall Louie
Dr. Thay Lay and Staff